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KPI reporting

KPI Reporting ("Key Performance Indicators") are any measures which a business can use to track successes or progress against the organisations goals or targets.  These are commonly presented on a one page summary, or "dashboard" format.  Many businesses tend to focus on financial KPIs as they are usually the most consistent and most easily measured, however a range of other measures exist through which business performance can be tracked.

Triple Bottom Line, in practical terms means looking beyond an organisations profit and into its impact on the planet and people. In other words it looks at the economic, environmental and social performance of an organisation.  This three pronged approach has arguably been the cornerstone of the sustainability movement as organisations have looked to balance these aspects to meet the needs of their stakeholders including their customers, employees, shareholders and in some cases the legislators.

Triple Bottom Line reporting has gained popularity with many organisations as stakeholders expect a higher degree of corporate social responsibility and improved accountability and transparency in reporting is required.  The model also provides the opportunity for innovation, differentiation and long term wealth creation through a continual and evolving process.

Procedure for Creating a KPI or Triple Bottom Line Report

  • With your client identify their key business drivers and assign measures to these that can be tracked and reported on.
  • Key sustainability and corporate responsibility information and measures should be presented alongside traditional reporting to give a more rounded and balanced picture of the organisations performance. The environmental and social performance of the business should be clearly linked with the organisations overall strategy, and how these initiatives will help achieve goals. 
  • Set up a template which either you or the client can update with monthly, quarterly or annual results.  The format should clearly show the result for the period, the target or goal, and progress achieved.

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