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Workpaper package advanced

Preparing your own templates for your firm takes time and effort. With this list of pre-prepared templates most of the work is already done for you. Simply customise them for your own purposes.

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  • Subject: Workpaper package advanced

An extensive combination of workpapers including over 90 individual spreadsheets and word documents to support the figures in your financial reporting assignments.

  • Annual accounts questionnaire
  • Bank account reconciliations
  • Company and trust statutory records checklists
  • Cross selling opportunities
  • Current account analysis
  • Deferred tax calculator
  • General income and expense accounts
  • Group tax summary
  • GST reconciliation and client adjustment sheet
  • Home office calculation
  • ICA reconciliation to retained earnings
  • ICA memo
  • Interentity balance check matrix
  • Interest on overdrawn current account (updated for new rates)
  • Interest on Term Deposit Accrual
  • Livestock worksheet
  • Pre-job planning checklist
  • Private use adjustments
  • Reconciliation of turnover to GST returns
  • Reconciling journal entry calculation spreadsheet
  • Sale or purchase of a business or property
  • Settlor loan account workpaper and reconciliation to legal documents
  • Taxable income calculation
  • Tax return checklist
  • Term deposit interest accrual worksheet
  • Wages reconciliation (incl Kiwisaver)

      And much much more!

Please note that the above are produced in Microsoft Office 2016 and may not be available in prior versions. We do not prepare them with Apple products in mind. The workpapers are prepared using a PC.  There are extensive macros in the workbook. Using Apple products may result in some macros not working.

Price: $650 + GST

For an extra $100 + GST you can receive 6 monthly updates for 3 years from the purchase date.

Special offer for Knowledge Shop members:

Price: $520 + GST for standard package

Price: $600 + GST includes updates for 3 years

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